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Microfarma Srl


Dietary Supplements For Children

Microfarma is an Italian company active in the nutraceutical industry, particularly specialized in the branch of neonatology and pediatrics.

The company is engaged in production and distribution of food supplements and parapharmaceuticals thesis to help in the mental and physical development of infants and children.

the primary objective of the thrust being of adults of tomorrow, the company philosophy is characterized by constant development and scientific research, which is structured thanks to the synergy with the highest figures operating in the landscape and national pediatric neonatology.

Particular attention is given also to the study of the mode of administration of the products which, having as target the children in the pediatric age, must show broad functionality and ease of use, within the parameters provided by the Ministry of Health, where the products are notified.

The production is carried out by chemical pharmaceutical laboratories -all certified GMP (Good Manifacture Production) that guarantee the high quality and control of raw materials that make up the Microfarma products.