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Dietary Supplement

Gluten free

Product powder

Net Weight 250g


Maltodextrin, polysaccharide Fruit Lactoferrin, Zinc gluconate.


One measuring spoon (5g.) up to 4 times a day to dilute in any liquid or food.

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Used since the early days of life.


MICRO MDX  is a product with maltodextrins, polysaccharide Fruit, lactoferrin and zinc. It is recommended in case of constipation until the first days of life.


Product composition Grams Note
Maltodextrine 235,357  
Fructo - oligosaccharides 12,500  
Lactoferrin 95%  1,250  
Zincgluconate 0,893 10 mg Zn/dose
Weight 250,00