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Dietary Supplement

Gluten free

Dropper Bottle 30 ml


Sunflower oil; DHA algal 40% from Schizochytrium species.; Tocopherol acetate; vitamin D3.


We recommend taking 25 drops of product per day (equivalent to 1 ml).

Product composition To 25 Drops  VNR%
DHA  50 mg  
Vitamin D3 20 mcg (equal to 800 ui)  400

* Reference nutritive value

micro D800

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Micro D 800 it is a dietary supplement DHA e Vitamin D3.

The vitamin D contributes to normal absorption / utilization of calcium and phosphorus to normal blood calcium levels, the maintenance of normal bone, maintenance of normal muscle function, the maintenance of normal teeth, the normal function of the immune system and intervenes in the cell division process.


Product composition Grams Note
DHA 40% da algal 3,75 50 mg DHA
Vitamin D3 40.000.000 UI/day  0,00062 800 UI Vitamin D3 
sunflower oil 23,839  
Vitamin E acetate oil  0,01  
Weight  27,600